Rita Kaipšteina

Rita Kaipšteina

  • PMO Team Lead and Account lead at Accenture Baltics

Rita has worked on a wide range of different projects, in Waterfall and Agile project setup environments. She has mobilized and set-up new clients and client accounts, restructured current project setups implementing improvements to streamline the best practices of project management control tools, trackers and processes. She is a PMO Account lead in the Health & Public Service industry, leading a team of 11 PMOs across 4 country accounts, 70 clients, 100 contracts and 500 people on the program. Using her extensive knowledge, she has audited multiple projects as per company practice of work and advised changes for process improvements.
Rita is recognized for having great problem solving and organizational skills, logical thinking, hard working, very dependable, detail oriented and accurate. Delivering on time without sacrificing quality. Strong team leading, analytical, communication and teamwork skills.
Rita is recognized as a strong personality with very wide range of skills, both technical and soft ones. She holds an internal project role as Delivery PMO branch Guild lead and Performance lead and is taken as an authority within the business group, colleagues look for her advice.

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