The first part of the Conference will be dedicated to high value presentations and discussions with global project management professionals. The lounge area will be crowded with stands for networking, learning about new products and services to project managers and their companies.

The second part of the event will take place at the premises of international and local companies based in Vilnius with dedicated presentations and sites visits.  Registration to site visits will be announced later.

Registration & Networking

08:30 - 09:00

Opening Speech

09:00 - 09:15

Keynote: Impact of Big Data Analytics on Decision-making in Organizational Project Management

09:15 - 09:45

The following objectives will be covered during Laila’s keynote:
- Explain the role of AI & Big Data Analytics in enhancing Organizational Performance.
- Highlight the role of Organizational Learning and Decision-Making in enabling the successful deployment of big data analytics projects.
- Discuss the required agility and organizational flexibility to adopt the emerging technologies and the required mindset shifts toward a data driven culture.

Digitisation of Lithuania’s public transport: doing the same things, differently

09:45 - 10:05

This presentation focuses on the digitization of public transport in Lithuania, showcasing how the adoption of digital technologies has improved the efficiency, safety, and user experience of public transportation systems. By examining specific case studies and examples, this presentation emphasises the transformative impact of public transport digitization and highlights the importance of embracing digital transformation for transportation providers looking to thrive in the modern world.

Main outcomes:
- Changing common practices of public sector;
- Stakeholder management, including identifying, engaging, and managing stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle;
- Project governance, including project charters, change management, and project performance reporting;
- Communication of ideas with the general public.

Partners' Express

10:05 - 10:20

Coffee Break & Networking

10:20 - 10:50

Panel Discussion - Reimagining Project Management: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities Ahead

10:50 - 11:20

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the future of project management. As organizations continue to evolve and adapt, project management must keep pace with changing needs and expectations. This panel will explore the latest trends in project management, the challenges that lie ahead, and the opportunities for innovation and growth. From new technologies to evolving methodologies, our expert panelists will share insights and perspectives on how project management can be reimagined for the future. 

Panel will be moderated by Ricardo Vargas.
More panelist will be announced soon.

How to get buy-in from resistant project stakeholders?

11:20 - 11:40

Implementations of any project might mean significant technological or operational changes for an organization. They are complex and collaborative tasks that involve various stakeholders. Well-known project management frameworks are beneficial in achieving requirements or project milestones. However, the biggest challenge might be to live up to stakeholders’ expectations and deliver significant improvements to their daily work routines. The ultimate success of any technological or business-process improvement project depends on how people accept and adopt these changes. Thus, to implement such a project successfully, change and resistant management becomes a vital part of the project management plan.
This session will introduce and describe the key concepts behind stakeholder resistance to change and how they can be incorporated into project management. You will learn how objection-handling techniques can help you drive stakeholder acceptance, increase user adoption, and prevent project failure.

In this session you will have the possibility to learn about:
- The main elements of change and resistance management.
- Effective objection-handling techniques when meeting resistant stakeholders.

Teach a lion to dance

11:40 - 12:00

Digital transformation, digital operations and processes, continues digital improvement is a norm for lot of business companies today. It is a need for governmental bodies, also their owned companies.
If digital changes in a modern business enterprises are implemented smoothly, the extent and pace of digitization of the public sector is still low.
The EPSO-G group unites large, long-standing, traditional energy transmission companies, also several new and small energy exchange companies. The digital transformation of the entire group's practice is a task equal to teach a lazy lion to dance.
Futher I’ll present a vision and strategy of group’s digital tranformation and challenges we face:
1) The way we work - operational transformation;
2) A need of sustainable decisions - technological transformation;
3) The way we think – cultural transformation.

Keynote: AI is a game changer for growing population in the world

12:00 - 12:30

We have seen loads of tech changes in the past and we are going to see more. AI will be just additional step forward, but it will be huge in our generation.

Networking Lunch

12:30 - 13:30

Special panel discussion on social impact projects: How deep is your love?

13:30 - 14:00

Lithuania is a perfect example of how united society can provide tremendous help for another country. Most probably, it's a single country that initiated so many social impact projects dedicated to the support for Ukraine.  Multiple projects with their outcomes proving how deep is the Love for Freedom, Motherland, Neighbors...
Social impact projects, despite their complexity, uncertainty and multiple interdependencies, are the most rewarding for their leaders - #ProjectManagers. In this special discussion dedicated to such high-impact projects, their leaders are going to focus on the lessons learnt in such a tense and undefined period of time:

- How to achieve similar success in other social-impact projects? Would it even be possible?
- How to manage project budget, time and scope when resources and opportunities collide?
- How deep is the love and could we do anything more in order to help?

Panel will be moderated by Edita Kemzūraitė, Co-founder and Head of Content of the PM & PMO Conference BRIDGE and Project Management United.

Panel speakers:
- Rolandas Vilkončius, initiator of social project "I am Ukraine";
- Lesia Rozhak, in charge of public diplomacy and communication at the Embassy of Ukraine in Lithuania, which includes cooperation between Lithuania and Ukraine in the humanitarian, cultural, scientific, and educational spheres.
More panelists will be announced soon.

PMO as a Service

14:00 - 14:20

Project Managers have a sometimes-difficult dual role. On one hand, they keep actual project work on track, which is not always easy. On the other, they have an administrative load that is important but drags away time from managing the actual work. Project Managers need reliable and experienced administrative support.
PMO as a Service model aims to distinct between PM and PMO applying task differentiation and increasing overall effectiveness. PMO as a Service focuses on outsourcing standardized PMO processes and experienced PMO services, alongside with standardized process mobilization experience, tooling and administrative experience to increase project tracking quality. This approach decreases management costs and time spent on administrative load.
If you are working on administrative tasks, while managing a project and dealing with client relationship, PMO as a Service model will take care of your project or client account and deliver with high excellence, taking full control of your project’s financial and administrative wellbeing.
The service expands from preparation and scan, setup and design, roll-out, run and improve towards fit-for-purpose PMO.

Benefits of PMO as a Service:
- Reduce project management costs
- Reduce project delivery cycles
- Effective and efficient communication
- Increase efficiency
- Increase quality, transparency, and predictability
- Tooling

Focus areas:
- Reporting - Get next level of your project control.
- People management - Ensure smooth experience for your people in projects.
- Administrative support - Save time & costs on repetitive tasks.
- Change management - Ensure smooth experience in change adoption.

What was our strategy, methods used, implementation lifecycle and setup? Join in to hear more!

Keynote: How AI will transform Project Management

14:20 - 14:50

In his keynote, Ricardo will highlight the main trends in emerging technologies and how they will impact and transform project management. From ChatGPT and Bard to augmented reality, from AI-based risk assessment to virtual assistants.
He will also share the six AI-based aspects that will disrupt project management, featured in the article he published with Antonio Nieto-Rodrigues at Harvard Business Review.

Conference closing speech

14:50 - 15:00

Onsite ticket holders will be able to attend to one of site visits after the conference. Site visits will start at 4 PM.

Registration will be announced soon.

International Vilnius Airport

Site visit to International Vilnius Airport. Lithuanian airports adopted a strategy to reach net zero emissions in airport operations in 2050. During this visit you will hear a presentation how Vilnius airport will control CO2 emissions in line with increasing connectivity and extension of passenger terminal. After the presentation, you will have a unique opportunity to see around the airside territory, learn what is the progress of the new terminal construction and other airside infrastructure.


Group size: 30 people

Energy Cells

Site visit to the largest project in the Baltics and one of the largest of its kind in Europe Energy cells worth 109 million Euros. Joining this site visit, you will have the opportunity to see the Battery site in Vilnius park.

Experts of Energy cells will deliver a presentation about the challenges and lessons learnt implementing this strategically important project for Lithuania’s energy security.


Group size: 20 people

More site visits will be announced soon.

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